IP Box 900 Version 1.57 Changelog

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    IP Box 900 Version 1.57 Changelog

    Version 1.56 Changelog (nachgeliefert)

    titanNit Edition M31833_g5028

    Version 1.56 vom 19.12.2014

    atemio520 disable fullbackup
    [non-default skins] update transcode texts
    [webif] hide transcode button for now
    [webif] transcode button only for nemesis
    [webif] button info po support
    webif update translate
    [webif] add info to buttons
    [webif] fix 5 buttons
    [titan] nemesis.. fix transcode
    [tpk] update oscam bin mips
    [tpk] update oscam bin
    disable dualboot entry on titan only images
    6000/6100/6200 fix mc background
    add cabelsettimgs kabelplus ORF
    disable dualboot
    [WEB IF] change transstream.png
    fix transponder KabelD
    [titan] update transponder add new transponder on 19.2 and minimal …
    [ufs912 skin] add transcode settings
    [tobayer01 skin] add transcode settings
    [smartTV skin] add transcode settings
    [nogfx skins] add transcode settings
    [MetrixHD skin] add transcode settings
    [MegaStyle skins] add transcode settings
    [cool skins] add transcode settings
    [0815 skins] add transcode settings
    reload tuner after tunerconfig
    [webif] transstream.png
    update merge titan.cfg default entrys
    fix weather Plugin lcdpearl and lcdsamsung
    [tpk] Update oscam sh4 binary updated to rev 10081 Update settings
    [tpk] Update oscam binary updated to rev 10081 Update settings
    [titan] Update default settings
    [titan] fix webinterface
    mipsel update netsurf
    fix default Settings 2.0
    [all skins] update OLED skins
    [default skins] update playinfobar with FR & FF
    fix weather
    [titan] mipsel.. fix no OSD
    shwo watchmovies
    use branch 2.3
    {mipsel] build beta titan only images without dualboot
    remove sdparm only on ufs910/922
    add wakeup_record_device
    add getmoviedev
    fix standby recording step 1
    [titan icons] update 40x20 template (add control_cross)
    [default skin] update playinfobar with control_cross
    add resettvpic after browser close
    [titan icons] add more templates
    [titan icons] add key_XYZ_70x40.pdn
    [default skin] update key_0-9_70x40.png
    set autofs wait to 120s
    add loading screen to wakeup hdd on recordscreen
    update netsurf3.3 src
    mipsel update nsfb first fullscreen 32bpp version in yellow background
    [nogfx skins] update colorpicker
    more free
    update browser plugin
    update nsfb
    mipsel nsfb src add -b 16/32 support and add commits
    start nsfb over nsfb.sh
    mipsel ipk add nsfb bin
    add libcurl
    small update for 5065 (UM)
    [settings] several Unitymedia changes
    [instar] 5200... fix 1/4 view
    [titan] 5200.. add parm pic_scale
    [titan] mipsel.. fix extended_scale parm
    fix EPG Timer
    set auto 3d dev
    mipsel enable 3d dev
    [atemio520] add cn_micom.p215.ko fix deepstandby record
    [titan] add encoder.h
    mipsel dvdplayer fix
    fix webif save skinadjust
    mipsel add standby work
    [ufs912 skin] add pipsetup
    [tobayer01 skin] add pipsetup
    fix kabel D transponder
    [smartTV skin] add pipsetup
    swap card reader for mipsel
    [nogfx skins] add pipsetup
    [MetrixHD skin] add pipsetup
    [MegaStyle skins] clean some tabs and spaces
    [MegaStyle skins] fix cec screen
    [MegaStyle skins] add pipsetup
    [cool skins] add pipsetup
    [titan icons] add 0Acht5Zehn.pdn
    [0815 skins] update pipkeyaction.png
    [0815 skins] add pipsetup
    [non-default skins] pipscreen, "SAVE" & "stop"
    [default skins] update pipscreen, "pip end" => "stop"
    [default skins] update pipscreen, save => SAVE
    [default skins] remove <tab>
    [non-default skins] add & fix some pip stuff
    [titan] fix pip
    [default skins] try to fix loop in autoupdate po, next step, recover …
    [default skins] revert to r31027 (try to fix loop in autoupdate po), next …
    [SKINS] default, defnomini, Tobayer01 - add pipkeyaction.png
    [titan] nemesis.. add function for full HDMI in
    next try UM transponder in default 2.0
    add nsfb mipsel makefile
    Unitymedia 20.11.2014
    Unitymedia transponder fix
    change selected default col 5F015F
    add global nemesis key
    enable atemio boxes check
    fix ufs910 root size
    skin default try fix
    [MegaStyle skins] update colorpicker
    wm2014 rename png name utf8 misstake on mipsel oe building
    mipsel disable amixer
    fix #233 and fix warnings in zap.h
    [cool skins] update colorpicker
    [0815 skins] update colorpicker
    allowed newer plugins as pluginversion
    [Picons] Update
    [ICONS] add GIMP XCF Files
    update tpks
    MOVE new Skin Icons
    [smartTV skin] update inputhelp
    [titan] gmultiepg, try to fix the incomplete initial fill (before next …
    [default skin] revert dummy screen, po auto update works fine.
    [default skin] add dummy screen to verify the po auto update.
    [po de] add press yellow & green (and verify auto po)
    fix simulate i386 building
    [MetrixHD skin] change encoding to iso 8859-1
    fix default skin.xml
    [MetrixHD skin] update skinadjust
    [MegaStyle skins] update skinadjust
    [cool skins] update skinadjust
    [0815 skins] fix okcol
    [0815 skin] fix hdmi_cec screen, move crosscontrol to skin folder
    [0815 skins] update skinadjust
    [ufs912 skin] update skinadjust
    [tobayer01 skin] update skinadjust
    [nogfx skins] update skinadjust
    [titan] no virtual zap by pipzap
    [titan] nemesis.. fix pip zap
    [smartTV skin] update skinadjust
    [smartTV skin] fix some height 35 => 34
    samba tpk fix
    [titan] nemesis.. hide pipmenu when key press
    [default skins] update colorpicker and add standard colors
    sort sat settings list
    [titan] nemesis.. zap pip when config pip_zap=1
    fix #261
    [almost all skins] update pip screen (gost, I hope my modifications are …
    [ufs912 skin] update channelhistory
    [ufs912 skin] add pip screen
    [skin] MegaStyle add pipscreen
    [skin] cool and other add pipscreen
    [skin] 0acht5Zehn add pipscreen
    [titan] fix ticket 127 )
    [titan] gmultiepg, try to fix the incomplete initial fill
    change german po
    [tpk] show installed packages on install package list
    [titan] nemesis.. 2x pip = pipmenu
    mipsel hid usb image install
    default_skin update skinadjust add tithek/filelist selected col
    update skinadjust add tithek/filelist selected col
    fix mipsel git log
    [MetrixHD skin] update
    [titan] gmultiepg, try to improve adjusting size
    add mipsel changelog
    [titan] tunerconfig show motor button only on dvb-s tuners:
    fix skinadjust text
    mipsel remove wlan installed tpks
    mipsel ts playback waiting 30
    [titan] nemesis.. test hdmi-in when pip
    [MetrixHD skin] update, only white spaces and new lines
    [MetrixHD skin] update
    fix resettvpic on timersettings
    [MetrixHD skin] update many things
    fix epg delete
    mipsel add gst eof work
    [titan] nemesis.. fix fan off
    [tiatn] ATEMIO5200.. fix recording indicator
    [tiatn] nemesis.. fix fan with WOL
    [titan] fix pts pause picture on first pause and add pause picture after …
    [mipsel] fix play/pause on pts
    fix infobar
    [tiatn] mipsel.. fix VFD brightness settings at 5200
    [titan] add all 2.0 default settings for >= 16mb boxes
    [mipsel] add startRcreboot 1 x ok + 5 x power = reboot
    [skin default_nominitv] control cross in hdmi_cec section
    [skin default] control cross in hdmi-cec section
    disable rc8 on ts playback
    [titan] nemesis.. fix fan when standby
    [titan] try to improve tunerconfig
    [ufs912 skin] add fancontrol2
    [tobayer01 skin] add fancontrol2
    [smartTV skin] add fancontrol2
    [nogfx skins] add fancontrol2
    [MetrixHD skin] add fancontrol2
    [MegaStyle skins] add fancontrol2
    [default skins] fancontrol2
    [cool skins] add fancontrol2
    [0815 skins] add fancontrol2
    [tithek] add at work
    [titan] nemesis fix fan control
    [skin] default.. add new entry
    [Picons] Update
    move test default Settings
    add picon small black sky info THX Uljanow
    update Settings Astra 19,2 Uljanow THX
    add new default Settings 2.0 all transponder
    [some skins] add background.png
    [titan] add media_plugins_list.png
    [all skins] add media_plugins_list.png
    [titan] try to fix 'Multi EPG' in blue button menu
    [ufs912 skin] fix some icons
    [ufs912 skin] add HDMI-CEC
    [tobayer01 skin] add HDMI-CEC
    [smartTV skin] add HDMI-CEC
    [nogfx skins] add HDMI-CEC
    [MetrixHD skin] add HDMI-CEC
    [MegaStyle skins] add HDMI-CEC
    [cool skins] add HDMI-CEC
    [0815 skins] add HDMI-CEC
    [po de] hdmi menu text
    [titan] mipsel.. cec tv source
    [default skins] remove some more spaces
    [default skins] fix tab & space issue
    [default skins] add cec.png
    [non default skins] add Lithuanian language selection & sync language …
    [titan] mipsel.. cec settings only in the System Menu
    [po de] hdmi-cec menu text
    wizzard start for IP Box
    add test defaultsettings 2.0 all transponder
    [titan] mipsel.. test new cec functions
    [titan] mipsel.. next step for hdmi cec
    [titan] fix cec when no timer record
    [titan] fix cec settings
    [titan] mipsel.. activate cec settungs
    [titan] mipsel.. add simple cec
    fix e2 transponder convert
    [titan] update lt-po thx arturas11
    [mipsel] osd transparency
    [mipsel] fix videosettings/transparent
    [mipsel] adjustable video params next step
    [tpk] New settings for 13.0 + 19.2 by Bulldog
    [tpk] New settings for 19.2 by Bulldog
    false area
    [titan] test cec aktivate when record
    [tpk] Settings by Bulldog 19.2
    [tpk] Update settings Bulldog 3x Sat
    [mipsel] make video params adjustable
    [titan] test checkboxstart function
    jpg bootlogos are sh4 only
    [mipsel] gst enable subs
    only mnt allowed for mipsel softcams
    Last step Lithuanian-po
    [mipsel] add changedvbdev after hyprid tuner switch
    1. step Lithuanian-po
    [webif] fix queryraw for getepg and getsingleepg
    [mispel] update gst subtitles stuff
    update Satsettings neue Design matze70 THX
    update Satsettings matze70 THX
    add changedvbdev
    seek -1 sec after audio change
    check vdstandby binary
    [titan] hide FanControl for nemesis
    [titan] next test for cec when record
    fix mc next try
    small fox mc
    [plugins] test lcdsamsung for mipsel
    [titan] Korrektur de auto.po
    [titan] activate cec only when no timerevent
    fix mc install
    [tobayer01 skin] complete new icons, big thx to channel
    update picons transparent small black uljanow THX
    update Settings Uljanow THX
    mc fix
    [po de] missing translations
    mipsel playinfobar wait of buffering
    [tithek] fix
    [gst] prefillbuffer add progressbar
    [plugin] midnight commander
    [po] hybrid tuner switch
    [tithek] mipsel add 10mb gst prefillbuffer without infos
    show gui restart msg after tuner switch
    fix atemio nemesis, atemio6100, atemio6200 and atemio5200 firstwizzard on …
    [mipsel] add srt support and firststep for gst prebuffer and fix all …
    [titan] firstart.. update dualboot settings menu
    [titan] webif.. start plugin with query?startplugin&name
    [titan] mipsel.. fix jump to a position play/TS
    [titan] EPG SCAN pauses when a recording is in progress
    [titan] fix dualboot selection
    [default skins] also change subtitle screen size (see r30543)
    [tobayer01 skin] fix playinfobar
    [0815 skins] fix recordpath
    [titan] update default settings
    [MegaStyle skins] several fixes, e.g. width=1200%
    update default sat astra 19,2
    [titan] mipsel.. change dualboot selection at the start
    clear oled final thnx to gost
    clear oled 2nd try
    clear oled
    [MetrixHD skin] delete empty lines
    [0815 skins] add create settings
    [tobayer01 skin] fix text
    [ufs912 skin] add create settings
    [tobayer01 skin] add create settings
    [smartTV skin] add create settings
    [titan] mipsel.. test better workaround for TS
    e2webserv: libstdc++ is now statically linked
    [nogfx skins] add create settings
    [MegaStyle skins] add create settings
    [cool skins] add create settings
    [mc] use original path
    show lang only if lang is defined
    [titan] correction in nl auto.po
    [MetrixHD skin] add create settings
    [default_skin] change audiotrack screen size
    [webif] fix timeline
    mipsel fix vob and single subs
    [MetrixHD skin] fix Vietnamese text
    [ufs912 skin] add Spanish language selection
    [tobayer01 skin] add Spanish language selection
    [smartTV skin] add Spanish language selection
    better prev pic
    [cool skins] add Spanish language selection
    [MegaStyle skins] add Spanish language selection
    [nogfx skins] add Spanish language selection
    [plugin] new plugin mc and samba fix
    [wlan] fix more Ralink devices
    fix hotplug
    add auto provider sort to scan
    [MetrixHD skin] change Regular.ttf
    [MetrixHD skin] add Spanish language selection
    [0815 skins] add Spanish language selection
    [0815 white skin] fix loading color
    [skins] update all 0815 skins with …
    [skins] update lost skins with …
    [skins] update cool/coolmini/mega* skins with …
    [wlan] fix r8712u
    [wlan] more simple
    [titan] mipsel.. workaround TS and play
    [tools] infobox mipsel back output to ../vfd
    [wlan mipsel] fix for several 5370 based wlan sticks for kernel 3.12.1 and …
    [other skins] vn > vi & gr > el
    [0815 skins] change formatting
    [po] new text for channel scan
    remove double lists
    remove empty lists
    [titan] update default settings
    [samba] performance tweaks
    [samba] only mnt
    add init script load from mnt
    [samba] fix wrong path
    [wlan] fix for Ralink 5370
    fix default_skin
    add provider sort
    update default skin
    fix manual channelscan text
    system_backup disable hardcoded title
    [samba] change path and allow swap
    [samba] only allow mnt
    [samba] missing start script
    [mipsel] avsettings hid playerstart/stop ac3 down
    update default skin [PO] language vn > vi gr > el
    [PO] language vn > vi gr > el
    mipsel fix hdd sleep
    fix busybox patch
    mipsel add ntfsrw stuff
    [mipsel] add busybox with ntfs rw support
    [po] webif flash update info text
    fix hanging
    add printf for debug output
    [tpk] architecture mipsel in control files
    [samba] better server names
    [tpk] samba server first try
    mipsel enable autofs mounting ala sh4
    fix format
    testfix audio change
    nemesis enable hotplug in kernel
    [skins] fix 0815 skins
    [titan] mipsel.. workaround play .ts files I hope
    switch mipsel to vfd
    mipsel fix loading
    mipsel add progress on booting
    mipsel change
    sh4 add curlftpfs with pret support
    [Picons] Update
    [webif] oscam and xupnpd link in settings page, only static
    [webif] text formatting
    [skins] add WOL selection
    [mipsel] change update image to beta branch
    disable loader6
    [mipsel] add meta-local files
    [titan] fix feed and webif tpk upgrade
    mipsel use beta branch on beta images
    [xupnpd] mipsel version, thanks to ago123
    [webif] add tpk tmp/media install
    add wol to nodefskin
    [titan] activate WOL at network menu
    [skin] add WOL to network menu
    [webif] update tpk install
    [webif] add status request for videoplay
    [webif] update tpk
    webif add tpk install
    [titan] fix about screen (width)
    [default skins] revert last commit (fix about screen)
    [webif] link to oscam and xupnpd (prepared) on settings page
    add getsystem
    add msg
    [webif] add image info to update page
    [webif] add system page and syb pages
    [webif] fix timeline
    use cur git
    build ipbox9000 p207 step1
    [titan] webif, add channelname on epg site
    fix time in singleepg view
    [titan] webif, try fix singleepg date/time
    [titan] webif, add new singleepg style
    more free
    [all] fix parter.sh
    [tithek] hid watchmovies
    [Skin DefNoMiniTV] Sync with Default-Skin
    e2webserv 1.1.13 for MIPS architecture added.
    e2webserv 1.1.13 for SH4.
    [TITHEK] add shared.jpg
    [TITHEK] add thefile.jpg
    [tithek] fix videoweed
    [webif] revert border-radius
    css color fix
    [tithek] update thefile hoster and movie4k
    [tithek] add new hoster thefile step1
    [webif] nicer
    [tithek] add shared.sx hoster support
    [Picons] Update
    fix tithek
    tithek fix fav buttons and add debug
    update webif add h1 line to info screens
    add picon Jukebox
    update Settings uljanow THX
    titan change atemio6000/6100 for 4digit lcd
    [mipsel] fix smbclient3
    mipsel add fdisk fix hdd formating without partitions
    [mipsel] add ext2/3/4/jfs and update wlan stuff
    fix fbset data
    add nemesis motd
    change layout
    atemio6200 fix setup patch
    atemio6200 enable ext2/3/4 and jfs
    atemio6200 change layout
    fix tithek
    atemio6000 / atemio6100 update
    [webif] little css fixes
    atemio6000 / atemio6100 update kernel stuff
    update tpk stuff
    atemio6000 / atemio6100 update webif stuff
    atemio6000 atemio6100 update titan stuff
    [all] add atemio6000/6100 step 1
    [webif] update streaming page
    [webif] newsletter update
    add ftdi_sio usbserial for 5200
    [default_skin] fix about screen
    fix encoding
    [nemesis] add ftdi usbserial
    [help] better formatting
    [tpk] update settings
    [webif] update info part
    help texts 1.
    webif fix remote position
    use shrinked index.html for all boxes
    [WEB IF] 5200,6200 - fix remote CH down position #2
    [WEB IF] 510,5200,Nemesis - fix
    [WEB IF] 5200,6200, Nemesis - fix remote CH down position
    webif translate update atemio5200/atemio6200/atemio-nemesis
    [po de] webif translations
    [Picons] Update
    [atemio6200] change kernel cfg
    [atemio6200] next step
    fix picons small Black THX Uljanow
    update Settings Astra THX Uljanow
    [webif] update html files for translate only atemio510 first

    Danke an alle die mitgeholfen haben das Image zu erstellen.
    Euer AAF Team

IP Box 900 Version 1.57 Changelog